News and Events

New Storage - October 2019

We are extremely grateful to Alresford Rotary Club for their kind support.  The Rotary have enabled us to purchase much needed new storage.  This new storage allows the children greater independence in choosing their own activities, which in turn will help to greater develop all areas of learning.

The new storage is on wheels and so allows us to make even greater use of the space and resources available.

Massive thanks to Rotary - this will make an enormous difference to all of us at 345!

Snack Bar - September 2019

Huge thanks to the Alresford PIGS Association for their very generous support in funding our new Snack Bar and equipment for the entire year.

The Snack Bar has been a great success, allowing the children to choose a range of healthy snacks.  This promotes healthy eating as well as independence.  The children are thrilled with their new Snack Bar!

Thank you so much for your continued support!


October 2019

Apple Day was great fun and a fantastic event. Once again we have been exceptionally lucky with the support of our parents and friends within the community.  On Apple Day we raised nearly £200 by doing glitter tattoos throughout the day.

Summer 2019

Thank you to all our parent helpers.  The facepainting and glitter tattoo stands at the Watercress Festival, Alresford Music Festival and Tichborne Cricket Club have raised much needed funds for the preschool.  We are very grateful to you all for your support.